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We are looking for rent premises

Requirements for commercial facilities

Sales hall requirements:

  • The possibility of uninterrupted operation of the store from 08.00 to 23.00 (possible later hours, depending on the location).
  • Store area from 800 to 2500 m2.
  • The sales hall does not consist of more than 2 rooms. Ceiling height from 4 m, power supply not less than 40kW, lighting of the facility at least 400 lux, availability of water (cold and hot) and sewerage.
  • Availability of 2, 3 entrances: main (for customers) and loading with the possibility of driving up by trucks and unloading goods (goods are delivered mainly by trucks), emergency exit.
  • Even floors, on one level, dust-free, washable, withstand a load of 3 tons / m2 (marble tiles / concrete floors with a polymer coating / concrete floors with topping) on ​​the entire surface of the commercial facility, a minimum 5-year warranty for the floors.
  • Walls, ceilings and columns inside the shopping center are painted in a light color.
  • The roof covering is resistant to precipitation.
  • Heating of the building, temperature not lower than +18°С in winter, not higher than +22°С in summer.
  • Possibility of placing a refrigeration unit with dimensions of 8% -10% of the store area.
  • Adaptation of the facility to fire requirements, the presence of a fire alarm (with a certificate from a specialized organization), etc.
  • The commercial facility has an anti-theft alarm, it is possible to connect to a centralized security post and a panic button.
  • Compulsory ventilation, air conditioning with a ceiling height of less than 6 meters, with a ceiling height of more than 6 meters, in compliance with the temperature regime agreed by the parties.
  • Vestibule for customers and in the in the reception area with a thermal curtain.
  • Industrial gate in the goods unloading area.
  • The ramp for unloading goods must be on one level with the floor in the store, there should be a roof above the ramp, at least 4.5 meters, lighting for night unloading, the size of the ramp 4 × 4 meters.

Store location requirements:

  • Location in and close to localities, near busy public roads, in the first line.
  • Convenient access to the commercial facility for lorries (lorries) and easy access roads.
  • The commercial facility should not be located in fenced areas with a separate entrance (closed bases, car bases, etc.), as well as within a radius of about 50 m from kindergartens, schools, institutions for minors, orphanages, sobering-up centers, sacred buildings and cemeteries, railway and bus stations.

Other requirements:

  • Possibility to conclude a cash collection agreement every day, 1-2 hours before closing the store.
  • Possibility to connect the phone and the Internet.
  • The purpose of the facility should correspond to retail sale.
  • Documents required to conclude a lease agreement (ownership certificate and others).