Supplier area | Vollmart

18 Niepodległości Avenue,
02-653 Warsaw

Every day: from 8:00 to 16:00

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Supplier area

  • We are open to cooperation with all suppliers who are tired of the excessive demands of retail chains.
  • We make it possible to deliver goods to our network on transparent terms, without additional fees.
  • The main criteria by which we judge suppliers are the quality of the goods and a fair price.
  • Prices and goods must conform to the store format.
  • We understand that a merchandise becomes a merchandise when our customers pay for it at the checkout.
  • Vollmart chain makes payments for the sold merchandise once a week with the delivery of the sales report. Vollmart does not finance itself and does not use supplier’s money.
  • If certain goods are not approved by customers, our suppliers understand this and withdraw them from the stores themselves.
  • Our suppliers are required to take back unsold goods in the event of non-sale.
  • Vollmart chain does not charge any fees.
  • Minimum MOQ of 1 SKU in store is 1 pallet (excluding oversized goods, goods in small packages).
  • We implement pickup schedules to maintain constant network inventory.